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Today’s world depends on the uninterrupted flow of data, communication, and services–in a word, it depends on power. Around the world, Cummins Power Generation have provided solutions to virtually every power generation need. With over 50 years experience in power generation and an extensive global distributor network across 130 countries, Cummins Power Generation is a leader in the design and manufacture of power generation equipment and one of the most integrated providers of power solutions in the world.


Cummins power diesel generator sets are available in sizes ranging from 10 to 3000 kvA and are high quality products, coupled with unrivalled reliability.Cummins is the only power system supplier to manufacture all the components– engines, alternators, transfer switches, switchgear and control panel. With a pre-integrated onsite power system, all the power system components are designed to work together as a whole. That’s The Power of One.

Uniplant being the exclusive dealer for Cummins Power Generation can offer professional advice and after sales support through our qualified personnel. We are there to discuss and help you find the best power solution to satisfy your power needs.

Power however, wherever & whenever you need it.

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